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A unique temple of learning in the shape of SHAH SATNAM JI P.G. BOYS’ COLLEGE has been blessed to the society by His Holiness SANT GURMEET RAM RAHEEM SINGH JI ‘INSAN’ to understand, realize, follow and practice the ultimate truth through real education. The institution was launched in Jan 2000 as a gift of new millennium and to commemorate the 82th birth Anniversary of PARAM PITA SHAH SATNAM SINGH JI MAHARAJ. The necessity for the establishment of this college was felt to lay stress on moral education and elevate the character of students. Thus, the institution stays committed to maintain a nexus between academic and moral values through spirituality.

The College is situated  on SHAH SATNAM SINGH JI MARG in Nezia Khera a rural area at a distance of about 10 Kilometers each from Railway Station and Bus Stand Sirsa (Haryana State). The institution is spread over an area of about eight acres of land amidst lush green, pollution free environment, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The college has the requisite permission from Govt. of Haryana and affiliation from esteemed Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa.

Shah Satnam Ji Research & Development  Foundation, Sirsa has also the humble onus of establishing and managing the following institutions:

  1. Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ School, Sirsa.
  2. Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ College, Sirsa.
  3. Shah Satnam Ji Boys’ School, Sirsa.
  4. Shah Satnam Ji Institute of Technology and Management, Sirsa.
  5. Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ School, Sri Gurusar Modia (Rajasthan)
  6. Shah Satnam Ji College of Education, Sirsa
  7. Shah Satnam Ji Bal/Balika Ashram, Sirsa
  8. Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ School, Budni (M.P.)
  9. Saint MSG Glorious International School, Sirsa
  10. Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ College, Shri Gursar Modia (Rajasthan)
  11. Shah Satnam Ji Boys’ School, Shri Gursar Modia (Rajasthan
College education is a great instrument to get comprehensive and latest knowledge about Arts, Science, Technology, Commerce, Business Administration etc. There cannot be any progress and prosperity without the active involvement and fervent co-ordination of young men and women. True education transforms immature brains to attain perfection and trains the raw hands with requisite expertise. It guides the youth to think above the levels of caste &creed, financial disparity, superstitions, hypocrisy, prejudices etc. Education also awakens the moral values of truthfulness, honesty, universal brotherhood and love for service to humanity.


Our country has shown the path of spiritual enlightenment through the conscious efforts of thinkers, mentors & philosophers. It is expected that this institution shall act as a guiding star to the strayed masses and pave the way for righteousness.


The college is delighted to have valued consent and permission form Govt of Haryana. It has received affiliation with prestigious Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa for execution and fulfillment of its academic pursuits


The college possesses a panoramic infrastructural edifice and elegant academic atmosphere for learning. The college building has a deft architectural elegance.

Every room is well ventilated and fully furnished. The unique hexagonal design of each classroom speaks of its multi-faceted approach to knowledge as well as unified objective of service to mankind. The building supplemented with floral beds, provides a soothing touch to develop greater consternation focus enhanced observation & creativity. A Well-marked sports complex, gymnasium, swimming pool &cricket stadium of international standard are additional points of splendor.


True ethical values seem to be declining in the present day environment due to selfish and materialistic approach. There is increasing trend of falsehood, Drug addiction, hypocrisy, sycophancy, indifference, crime & moral degradation. Therefore, the necessity for moral education is a must to keep the element of goodness alive and restore the virtues which are gradually diminishing. It is believed that when a person is given the right environment, he/she thinks good and develops an irresistible tendency to do good.

The Students of this institution are guided to follow the precious dictums and preachings of great saints. They learn to live with discipline and serve the cause of humanity above self with strong will and determination. High moral values are spontaneously rewarded by Almighty.

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